Wednesday, September 14, 2011

No Nupp for You!

...what I mean to say is, I get lots of nupps (nupp is pronounced "noop" because Estonians want to mess with you; I don't blame them), but you don't get to see my copious nupps, because the secret shawl project is still, well, secret.  Unless you Rav stalk me or click through from my last shawl post.  Then you can totally see shawl pics.  But they aren't updated all the way, so still no nupps for you!

This project is my first foray into the world of nupps generally and Estonian lace knitting specifically.  Needless to say, there was research.  Does this mean I get to call myself an "advanced" knitter?  That would be pretty sweet.  Anyway...

My point is, research led me to a couple awesome YouTube instructional videos...

  • There's this one produced by Knitting Daily TV and demonstrated by guru Nancy Bush, AKA the real way to nupp it up:
  • And this one, produced and demonstrated by genius Myra Wood, AKA the cheater way:

If you're curious, yes, I'm cheating.

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