Monday, March 28, 2011

A Tale of Two Yarns | 2KCBWDAY1

Part of any fibre enthusiast’s hobby is an appreciation of yarn. Choose two yarns that you have either used, are in your stash or which you yearn after and capture what it is you love or loathe about them.

~~ Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy ~~

A good 98% of my yarn is bought online with specific projects and amounts in mind.  The most memorable exception?  Crazy Zauberball in Little Fox.

I was minding my own business in a LYS, patiently waiting for my friend to make important fiber decisions while clutching the items from my pre-planned list, when I saw:
yarn images from WEBS, Eskimimi Knits, Create and Knit, and Skacel (clockwise from top left)
And I had to have it.

I can generally contain my yarn lust, but this was more... this was truly love at first sight, made all the more laughable by its impracticality for my stash.  Sock yarn?  I don't do socks.  Teeny tiny needles are so fiddly.  And $20 a skein.  HAHAHAHAhahahaha  you're funny!

But all of a sudden it was mine!  Just one skein.  And then I had to figure out what to do with it.  Not socks.  I did this, while in Italy:
Woodland Shawl by Nikol Lohr

~~ Lion Brand Wool-Ease ~~

My friends adopted a three-year-old girl after a three-year process; if she doesn't deserve a handknit something, I don't know who does. :)  To celebrate her homecoming, I wanted an interesting one-size-fits-most sweater and found the perfect match with a Pinwheel Sweater [Rav link] by Shelley Mackie.

So when I bought seven skeins of Wool-Ease in seven varying shades of requested pink, it made a lot of sense.  The yarn is machine-washable and -dryable, comes in over 50 shades, and packs a bang for the buck ($4 for almost 200 yds!).

The sweater turned out really well...
...and now I have all these partial skeins of pink 80% acrylic sitting, languishing.  The very same yarn that made so much sense for this project makes no sense in my stash.  I generally avoid acrylic for cool weather projects, but the yarn's texture does not lend itself to warm weather projects.  And I generally avoid pink.  Desperate for inspiration with this!


Cat said... could do a bit of fair isle or intarsia to use it up?

P.s. thanks for following me on twitter :)

JelliDonut said...

Zauberball does that to me too--grabs my credit card and runs! Nice shawl, btw.