Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Pile of Failure by the incomparable Natalie Dee
 When a knitter isn't knitting, can s/he be called a knitter?  I have performed the act of knitting more recently than my most recent post suggests, and yet I have spent many an evening without yarn in my hands.  The rigors of this past week have rendered me incapable of
  1. taking photos of my knitting progress; 
  2. installing camera software on my computer to upload said photos (Sammy's computer, alas, lacks the memory, due to age and full-of-stuffness; all attempts to get pics and videos off of the camera have been met with "Insufficient data space" or some such nonsense); 
  3. further knitting on either of my current projects; and 
  4. forming a simple sentence without archaic syntax, tangential asides, and a plethora of commas.  
What can I say, it's been a week.
So I promise sometime in the forthcoming week to accomplish all items on the list (beginning with that last one? Alas, no, for I'm in a mood.).  The first order of business will be the camera software; it's taken me a good long time to realize that, as network administrator of my household, I am obliged to complete any and all installations.  My husband, while wonderful in many ways, has a tendency to respond to all computer issues with "Something happened. Fix it."  And so I will.

It'll happen soon. <-- list item #4: check.

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