Monday, April 7, 2014

Project Needles: This Title's a Little Corny

Yesterday Eskimimi, creator of Knit & Crochet Blog Week, announced the dates for 2014 and it was just the kick in the pants I needed to start talking again.  Last year I set some goals for myself (even followed through with some) and now we're back to it: Project Needles!

It's been 11-ish months since the last time I talked about Project Needles on the blog, but don't think I've been lazy since that time.  There has been a whole lot of thinking, let me tell you.  Such thinking, you guys.  About storage and whatnot.  Really!

Behold, some 1-gallon Garrett's Popcorn tins, left from the winter holidays, now empty of their original contents:
Before you judge me, they were gifts, okay?  And yes, there are more of them, thank you so much for pointing that out I thought we were friends gosh.

They look like paint cans, only super classy, and more importantly: popcorn cans often come with dividers to separate different flavors of deliciousness in one tin.  These did not (Chicago mix FTW!), but the idea was still planted in this brain of mine.  So the thought is: the dividers I make would be movable for additions etc., I could store each needle size separately while keeping like sizes near each other (oh yeah, I decided that was a priority, keeping all size US7s together regardless of needle type), and the handles make them infinitely portable.

Opinions?  I'm still looking for the proper way to fully clean out cheese-ish residue.


Boston Knitter said...

Holy crap, if you have enough needles to fill one of those, I'm seriously impressed. I am not organized about my needles. The straights (the red-headed stepchildren of my knitting supplies, really) have all been tossed willy-nilly into a craft cart drawer, while the circulars live in the ugliest circular needle case ever sewn (congratulations on that title, Clover). My DPNs are in a rolly case I sewed myself but never put a ribbon on--meh--but most of these old friends have been abandoned in favor of my shiny new ChiaoGoo Twist interchangeable set, because I am a horribly fickle person....and also because lately my older needles haven't been sharp enough for my excessively twisted stitches and crazy cables.

BUT back to your topic at hand, I too am super stoked for this year's KCBW, even though I've done next to none of my goals from last year. I also have not done my wild card project from last year, hhhnngnng. I'm terrible. Let's get together and motivate each other.

Carolyn Zick said...

What. What. How you have so many needles?? I thouhgt I had a massive stash, but I could not fill a Garret's can. (Side note: I agree, Chicago mix FTW!!! I live nearish the windy city, so yeah. I feel ya.)