Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Project Needles: Inventory

We have reached The Reckoning.

Step 1: print out handy-dandy list of knitting needles and crochet hooks already input in Ravelry.
Step 2: resist urge to procrastinate with data (SCATTER PLOT!)
Step 3: profit  fail miserably at Step 2.
Step 4: attempt to find the listed equipment anywhere in my house.

for funsies wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

After the first pass, there are four pairs of needles that I have no idea where they are AND four pairs of needles that I actually need to add to Ravelry for a full account of the facts.

The labelled resealable bags are leftovers from my old system of organization.  Notice that there are no bags for needles sized smaller than US5 -- at that time, I didn't own any AND I didn't anticipate falling in love with finer yarn and lace knitting!

All the straight needles in my collection were added prior to 2006, I believe.  Why stop buying straight needles?  Several reasons:
  • they only work for flat knitting, which limits their reuse
  • projects get heavier as they go along, and it's easier on the joints to keep the bulk of a project centralized (on a cable, for example) rather than side-to-side shifting
  • I drop things.  A lot.  Drop a needle attached to a cable, it goes nowhere! Drop a straight needle--
    CLANG clink clink click-click-click roll.
Now to track down those missing needles... time to comb through the long-term Works In Progress.

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a. gingringer said...

a scatter plot. be still my heart.