Friday, April 26, 2013

Something A Bit Different | 4KCBWDAY5

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** transcript for people who listen by reading:  
Hello and welcome to Big Knitting Trouble, with me, Cyprienne!  This is weird, you guys.  You're watching this because it's Knitting & Crochet Blog Week and Eskimimi told me to.  SO!  Now you get to see me be all exclamatory in your face... KNITTING!! it's incredible!!

Obviously I don't know what I'm doing, and my test runs were a little... not creative, just a MESS, I'll show you...
[Cyp plays with video editing features for no reason;

a small child yelps in the background]
...yeah, so we're not-- we're going to keep this as simple as possible.  Also I found out in my test: I move my head A LOT, so I'm going to try and "keep calm and carry yarn."

Active WIPs!
These two are my active Works in Progress.  Do they look like they're made of the same yarn?  Yes.  Are they made of the same yarn?  YES they are! [Cascade Pacific Multi in colorway 509 Grape Blend

What? It's crazy; there was a lot of this.

This one is for the Mystery Game of Thrones Knitalong [Rav], run by Jimmy Beans Wool; I did not buy their yarn, because I have very specific specifications for buying yarn (and that wasn't part of it).
So I used this yarn because I had a lot of it leftover, and... I think it's supposed to be a cowl?  I'm just now starting the beginning of Clue 4; it's a straight bit, and a curvy bit, and another straight bit, and it's going to split?  I don't know, what's it gonna be, how's it gonna look, we'll find out!

This is the Spoke [Rav] cardigan of Doom.  It's been going on for a while, as I detailed in my previous post.  As I said before, I had it seamed (finally) and then what I had to do was pick up these stitches ...pick 'em up and then bind them off right away.  It's not fun. And there's lots of curling.  And I dunno how I'm going to save it.

Future WIP!
I have a future Work in Progress that I'm pretty excited about.  If you noticed, I was talking about the Shawl Showdown that I'm going to be embarking on starting on May 4th, Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you!).  I've got this yarn picked out [Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in colorway 1207 Salt and Pepper] because it's lovely and wonderful and very soft, and I need to keep it away from my face because I'm alleric to it... so it needs to leave my stash, like yesterday.

This is the yarn I used to make my dad's socks: the only pair of socks I have ever knit or will ever knit (because they took forever, and they're alpaca, and I'm allergic to alpaca).  I had this yarn left over.  I did not realize when I was knitting with it that I was allergic to it; because the weight is so fine -- it's fingering weight -- it didn't bother me as much as when I was knitting with bulky weight yarn (the wool from the Tweed Sweater of DOOM).
So hopefully I will not have too much of a reaction, and this will stop sitting in my stash, taunting me, saying "you really want to knit with me, don't you! Imma make your eyes water!"  Oh alpaca.  I love you so.

That's all I've got so far -- tune in tomorrow, when I talk about something that is not on video (probably ever again... but it was nice to talk to you now!).  

Alright: have a good... Thursday? Friday! Have fun, you guys! Bye!


Pigtails said...

Holy Moly I would just pass on that alpaca with the speed of light! Nice meeting you - I think you are knitting a skirt. Cheers!

Jessica @ Sunny Stitching said...

This was great. I agree with Pigtails that you should pass on the alpaca. Watery eyes are not worth it! :-)

Faith (the Vampire Slayer) said...

Lovely video. I love feeling like I got to go hang out on your couch with you.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! I loved it. You really have a fantastic personality for a podcast. Just saying:)

Anonymous said...

Ah! I feel like I know you now! Great post!

Sarah ~ Crafts from the Cwtch said...

This is great. I've been thinking about doing some vodcasts, but like writing/reading. I like how you have the short video and complete transcript. I'm filing that idea for later :)

Anonymous said...

I've never had the gumption to make a knitting video. Too shy. Maybe next year.

Hanrahan said...

You're lovely! You're outtakes really made me chuckle, thanks for sharing :)

Stel said...

Ha ha! I actually thought of doing a movie clip from our Craft Share this morning - but then totally forgot inbetween the hooking and chatting and champagne for a birthday!
I've tried alpaca once...lovely and soft, but felting oh so easily...will I go there again?

Anonymous said...

OMG, you're so cute! I love everything about your video. Well done!

Luna DeFae said...

Great little video, I think you should consider making more, I agree that you have a great personality for podcasting!

Anonymous said...

Groovy post! I don't have the stones to do a video. Mad props for your courage! :-D

autumngeisha said...

You are so witty and such a natural in front of the camera! Great job!

bekswhoknits said...

I made a video because Eskimimi told me to also.
Your video was awesome. I liked your editing. Very professional.