Monday, April 29, 2013

Mayday Preppers

KCBW is finished (so fun, you guys, plus a bunch of great new-to-me blogs to read: South African, even!), it's time to relax and just breathe... nah, jus kiddin!  It's almost start of spring term for HPKCHC again (AKA fake Hogwarts knitting [Rav]!  SOAR RAVENCLAW!), so I gotta get ducks-in-a-row peas-in-a-pod.  This means...

* spreadsheets spreadsheets spreadsheets spreadsheets spreadsheets spreadsheets spreadsheets!!!  YYYAAAYYY!!!
I'm not kidding.  I'm really really cool.  -ahem-

*my main term project has been planned and swatched and yikes...
1500 yards of merino/silk laceweight, 3000 beads, infinite insanity
I'm attempting to complete a fully-beaded Evenstar Shawl [Rav] in three months.  I've heard it's possible.  I've heard it's crazy.
I may be crazy.  No duh.

* I've knitted almost all the way through the April installment of 12 Shawls in 2013; worsted weight shawls are so quick:
Everything but the bindoff was completed from April 5 to 8, but I'm leaving the last bit for May Detention, because why not!  The yarn is leftover yardage from that intarsia baby blanket that drove me crazy.  It's a cotton/acrylic blend, so it's the perfect bright summer shawl to throw over a black T-shirt.

Now I will take a short blawg nap, because I am le tired.  OUTIE 5000!


Anonymous said...

Well then, take a nap, and then FIRE ZE MISSILES!

gings said...

hurrah for spreadsheets! such handy tools...

also, your evenstar shawl will be beautiful, but mad, mad, maaaaaad!

donnarossa said...

I'm looking forward to your shawl with hundreds.. wait, WHAT?!... 3000 (!!!!) beads!
fortunately, there are maniacs in this world. without them it would be too boring ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your shawl is gorgeous! I love the colors and the stripes!
I can't wait to watch you knit Evenstar! It is a beautiful shawl and you are a quick knitter. I bet it will be a success:)

Kasia robi Sweter said...

It is a beautiful shawl, the blog is also interesting. You must be a very quick knitter.
Kasia from
see you there.