Monday, September 17, 2012

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

On Friday night, I had the brilliant idea to cast on a cardigan in my busiest knitting month of the year so far:
It's for a knitalong, but I'm less interested in the -along-ness of it and more concerned with just trying to gitterdun.  The miles of stockinette are broken up a little bit by the stripes; I hope it flippin fits.

In other news: birthday yarn!  These arrived in today's mail and I just couldn't wait for better lighting:
100% baby alpaca laceweight, courtesy of my brother B --
w00t w00t, thank you, kind sir!

Shawls > sweaters.  Officially.


Anonymous said...

I love your stripey cardigan! The colors are so pretty.
Speaking of pretty, the birthday yarn is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Is that the Abalone? Happy Belated Birthday!!