Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dark and Stormy

It got really gross here, all of a sudden:

So since we've been warned not to travel, there is leftover pizza for lunch and cheery baby knitting on the needles:
Neat and tidy -- little did you know...
The ends are coming for your soul!

I'd also like to keep working on this bright blue lobster thing...

...but I cannot find the sandwich baggie of fiber fill to save my life.  Seriously.  It's not where it was last time I saw it, back in the beginning of June (effectively a hundred years ago in my stash-and-dash organizational system).  Sooooo no lobster yet.

1 comment:

Pumpkin said...

Fiberfill, aways around when you don't need it (often clinging to you and/or the cat), but never there when you actually need it. Heehee. THose ends are quite frightening, but you will tame them!