Sunday, February 6, 2011

Further FOs: Fancy Floller Cardigan

I realized this week that 95% of the finished knitted objects I make for are other people... but since 100% of the actual knitting is for me, it all works out.  :)  Hey, here's another FO:
Tulip Yoke Baby Cardigan (free Rav download) by Jennifer Little
knit with Knit Picks Shine Sport in 2554 Leapfrog, 
0592 Serenade, 8774 Caution, and 6567 Butter

My first stranded colorwork!!  This one is for the best dressed baby on the planet, Ms. Punkin Q. Pie.  She'll wear it to daycare tomorrow if the Packers win tonight (yes, the only Super Bowl reference of this post).
love this purple

I did a few modifications from the original pattern.
1) I chose to do a curved front -- general directions found here (Rav link) -- in an effort to conserve the green yarn.  I bound off too tightly; not quite sure how it’ll turn out on the baby body, but it’s too much work to redo.
2) Only three buttons.
3) The short sleeves with the colorwork were also due to a lack of green yarn; either I planned poorly and didn't buy enough or (more likely) there's another skein of Leapfrog hiding somewhere in a project bag.  I used a smaller size of dpns (US 2) than the circular I used for the rest of the sweater (US 3) to smooth the difference between knitting flat and in-the-round.
I like it.
sleeve detail while blocking
Here's the info and color chart for those who want to duplicate it.

Follow pattern instructions for picking up/casting on sleeve stitches [54 total stitches], then follow supplementary colorwork chart
work 4 rounds st st color MC
work 1 round st st color A
work 2 rounds st st alternating colors A and B per chart
work 1 round st st color B
work 2 rounds st st alternating colors B and C per chart
work 2 rounds st st color C (use color C for the rest of the sleeve)
decrease round: work 1 round *k2tog, k4, rep from * to end; k2tog on last stitch (with 1st st next round) [44 total stitches] 
work 4 rounds k1, p1 rib
bind off loosely in rib

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Linda said...

So far looks like she'll be wearing the sweater tomorrow! (It's beautiful. BTW, love the color work!)But you must realize that MS Pumpkin is actually a Cowboys fan.