Monday, August 8, 2016

Shawllapalooza: Lost in the Stacks

Prior to my accidental sabbatical, I featured the first two of this year's twelve shawls (here and here)... 
and then I fell down.
SO!  What about the next four I've finished?

One a day for four days straight BOOM you're welcome

Lost in the Forest [Rav] by Cath Ward; knit with 2/3 skein of madelinetosh Prairie in colorway Carnation

Blocking really is a magical moment in the life of a lace shawl; the negative space is as important as the stitches themselves, and pins are fun for poking.

I knit this shawl for a library colleague on the eve of her retirement, to celebrate her long career of being just the nicest person I've ever met.  I hope right now she's on a beach somewhere, sipping a fruity drink while her grandchildren get knocked over by the ocean waves.
And reading a good book for fun.

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