Thursday, March 31, 2016

FO: A Tapestry from Harrods

SO!  This is what I made with Tart:
gentlemen prefer chevrons [Rav] by bunnymuff; 
knit with madelinetosh prairie in colorway Tart

I loved knitting this pattern, a whole lot.  In fact, I tried to find a way to make the shawl larger, but an embiggening plan was less than obvious, even for an experienced lace shawl knitter.  Plus I get tired at night and "math is hard" (lol).

Still, the final shawl is beyond lovely:

And I have extra yarn left over!  The mind boggles!


Boston Knitter said...

In the wise words of Barbie, "Math is hard. Let's go shopping!" Yarn shopping, at least...looks fabulous!

Slowplum said...

You are a shawl-making goddess. I bow to your talent.