Monday, January 4, 2016

[Enter, pursued by a bear]

Hello?  It's me.

I was wondering if, after all these years, you'd like to meet

I'm kidding, of course, though I do heart Adele,
and that was totally overdramatic and factually inaccurate...
but the truth is
~ ~ I'M BACK ~ ~
and thinking of ways to fill this space up with my words again!

2015 was quite a year of crafting and I won't be able to do it justice in one post, so please feel free to check back for the inevitable garble of memories and photos as they appear.

There were shawls (oh such shawls).
There was pretty pretty yarn.
There was even a personal design challenge.

Stay tuned.  :)

1 comment:

Leah said...

Oh, hello! Nice to see your blog come back up on my feed. Happy new year :)