Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Recovering with Shawls

A shawl is a warm fire in the dead of winter.
A shawl is a cool lemonade on a summer day.
A shawl is a necessary antidote for steeking angst.

The red-and-gold half-pi is trucking along...
This photo is at 75% and I'm a little farther along now.  The gold just joined in Figure A is the last color section, and I used 395 yards of the red in total.  This is going to be squee-worthy, yo.

In Evenstar news, I couldn't find a steel crochet hook small enough to fit into the beads properly, so Plan B is in place and working admirably:
This twiddly bit of jewelry wire is a beading gadget following the design in a fellow House Cupper's video beading tutorial (check it out, it's genius!). All the knitting in-the-round is DONE!  Now I just need to keep up the mojo to get through 56 beading border repeats.  Heh.
The first three... which means I've worked through the cursing.

The pretty pretty shawl from a couple of weeks ago is finished -- it's July now? what? -- and it totally deserves its own post, sooooo bye!
and this is why you shouldn't use your camera's flash, folks.

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Stitched Together said...

I do like the colour choices you have made for your half-pi shawl. That is going to be glorious when it's finished. I heard about using wire or fishing line on the Knitmore Girls this week. They are doing a Summer of Lace and Beads KAL. I am planning on joining in (when I have time!)