Tuesday, July 23, 2013

All That Is Left Undone

My daughter is sick and I am unshowered.  All the vomitous drama (vomitous drama!) of the last twelve hours makes going to daycare and/or work impossible, what with all the cleaning and recleaning and medicating and hydrating and rehydrating.
She has finally succumbed to tiredness and is napping on the couch, so I'm doing important things like blogging.  And laundry.

To be quite honest, I've recently had a dip into what is sometimes referred to in my house as "the danger zone," in which I really don't want to be around the planet anymore (thanks, brain chemistry and insomnia!).  I'm slowly piecing my way back to normal, thanks to the help of awesome people who don't treat me like I'm broken, and knitting is helping... as always, of course, one stitch at a time.

This impossible-to-photograph mass is the black cotton shawl, bound off and ready for blocking, paired with a tiny ball of remaining yarn:
This is why I knit shawls using spreadsheets, folks.  There's something so satisfying about knowing I've used every bit of yarn at my disposal to make an object as big as it could possibly be.

The Evenstar has hit the home stretch and I've ramped my pace up to finishing three full repeats in an evening.  Only 12" of live stitches left:
89.29% of the edging done, 50 border repeats finished, 2500 total beads a-beaded, marking 97.76% of the total project and 86,036 total stitches completed.

At this stage, I'm thankful for:
  • coffee (before knitting and after knitting, never during)
  • the white light at the end of this shawl tunnel
  • so many more shawls to knit very soon


Anonymous said...

Sad to hear the sickness has made its stead in your house. Hope everyone gets well soon. The shawls are turning out quite lovely!

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Sorry to hear your daughter is so sick..hopefully she's on the mend...

Faith (the Vampire Slayer) said...

Those shawls are lovely! Sorry to hear of all the vomitous drama. Hopefully things return to a normal level of drama soon.