Sunday, May 27, 2012

LYS Trip: WoolWinders

We were dismissed early from work this Friday (squee!) and, as I've done in the past, I zipped straight to an unsuspecting LYS instead of heading home.

The Great Yarn Fast of 2011 is but a memory, but I still have a self-imposed yarn super diet for this year, so yeah, no going crazy at WoolWinders; luckily, their online list of yarn is helpful in terms of weight and fiber (if not pricing -- but that's what the rest of the internet is for, right?), so I was able to do some serious narrowing-down before I even set foot in the door.

I had a shawlette pattern in mind (it's for a gift, so I can't post specifics yet, but it has approx 430 yards of fingering weight needed, with a lot of stockinette in the body and a cool lace border) and a price limit of $20 (because, like I said, super diet).  These factors combined to pull my focus to the Cascade Heritage Silk Paints [Rav]; 85%/15% superwash merino and mulberry silk, 437 yards in a skein, really pretty colorways from which to choose, and priced at twenty bucks!

After a couple of minutes of being torn between the RED (9958, called Vino) and the BLUE (9996, called Deep Ocean), I made my choice and made a beeline for the register to keep myself from further temptation.  During the ringing-up process, I had a nice conversation with a staff member about her shawl-in-progress.

And then she said these magic words:
"Would you like me to wind this into a ball for you?"

UM YES.  With the laceweight debacle fresh in my mind (still in snarls, by the way), I gladly accepted, because let me tell you: if somebody offers to save you from your own impatience for zero dollars,

So I took it.  And then I took it home.

Oh, and if you get tomorrow off (for Memorial Day or for Pentecost or for always-having-Mondays-off), I hope you enjoy the day!


Pumpkin said...

That yarn is so fantastically vibrant and beautiful, I'm so glad you got to take it home with you! Also, that is great that you got off work! I hope you enjoy that time!

Evelyn said...

Excellent stash enhancement!! I would run to my LYS, too, if I got off early.