Friday, August 26, 2011

Knitwear at the Movies: Little Children

Have you seen Little Children?  It was a really good movie. Several people thought so.  Not a lot of knitwear, I must admit; that's not really the draw.  But there was this pretty awesome skater hat...

A Pretty Awesome Skater Hat
It's not a skater hat per se, but the young gentleman wearing the hat was cast as a sk8r boi (hate you, Avril!) and he probably wants to be Shaun White.  ANYWAY.

This slouchy beret seems so soft, yet still structured enough to keep its shape and show off the stitch definition for the cabling.  The openwork lattice motif is unisex and appropriate for basically any cold-weather situation.

Since there aren't a lot of patterns to "round-up" for this post and I couldn't find this specific pattern already written, I may just have to figure it out for myself.  Eventually.  For now, you just get some look-similars.  You're welcome!

Pretty Darn Close
Fenimore [Rav link] by Jared Flood; $5.00 USD
Gramps Slouch [Rav link] by Kate Oates; $6.00 USD

Kinda Remindy
free!  Tidal Bore Beanie [Rav link] by Inge Sandholt
Double Crossed [Rav link] by Katie White; $4.50 USD
Diamant Tam [Rav link] by Lindsey Stephens; $4.95 USD

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