Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bonne Année, ever'body!

Let's get started on the obligatory holiday recap, shall we?  I have arrived back home from whence I grew up; it's been called America's breadbasket, Middle America, and more unfortunately, The Heartland or the flyover.  Yes, I'm one of those statistics who grew up in the middle of the country and moved to an edge to "make it big" in the star-studded world of libraries.  Anyway, taking an infant on a train ride overnight across half the U.S. was both more and less difficult than I thought it would be.  She slept well... when she slept.  And when she was awake, she was in a great mood, prior to hour 13 of each 16+ hour ride.  Everyone loved her and agreed she was the most adorable baby on the planet.

The trip afforded much less knitting time than I had anticipated, and I just barely finished my semi-secret impulse project, a Seamless Baby Kimono sweater (design by Jacki Kelly), knit with Lion Brand LB Collection Superwash Merino (100% Superwash Merino) in Sky.  I hope the super-new baby's mama will take a picture of him in it when it fits (he's so tiny!), but until then, here's Punkin in her green version:
crying baby, lovely sweater
Three months later, it still technically fits!

The day after Christmas was the debut of Punkin's baptismal duds; she was dressed, and promptly fell asleep:
comfiness makes for zonking out

The FOs are the Lacy Scallops Christening Gown designed by Judy Lamb and the DROPS bonnet in ”Alpaca."  Both are knit with KnitPicks Comfy Sport in white.  The gown fit perfectly -- which was super lucky, since she wasn't patient enough to try it on beforehand!  I decided not to block the gown, for fear of a major change in shape, so she got white fuzz on everyone who held her:

I've cropped my mother's face out on her request: no makeup on!  I didn't make the booties -- no tiny dpns to be found -- no great loss, since one can't see her feet anyway.

The completion of the holiday season marks my return to  s.e.c.r.e.t  p.r.o.j.e.c.t  knitting in earnest; the deadline approaches faster than the knitting progresses, soooo that's a problem.  Wish me luck!

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