Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bamboo-tiful: a love list

Bamboo is awesome and here's why:

1) Bamboo and bamboo blend yarn is genius.
Renewable, soft, smooth, itch-free, hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, breathable, shiny!
I need this in my hands right now

2) Bamboo is the best material for knitting needles.
Durable, but not as loud, cold, or slippery as metal; flexible and lightweight, but not as slow as wood; prettier and more warp-resistant than plastic

3) Pandas eat it.  Cute.
Having a nosh

4) People eat it.  Yum.
Hungry now?

Photo credits to the following Flickr users: allie in stitches, David Schroeter, Piper K, and puamelia -- thank you for allowing reuse (with attribution, noncommercial, no derivatives)!  It makes my librarian heart happy!

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