Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In which someone may be on crack.

My most important current project has a deadline at the end of December, but it's not holiday-related.  No, my Punkin's baptism is scheduled for the day after Christmas, and I -- in a decidedly brazen move -- have committed to knitting her a long, white garment fit for the occasion. Somebody actually said, "Wow, that's pretty ballsy"... which is not a word that's usually used to describe me.  Makes me wonder if she knows the definition of ballsy.  Amelia Earhart was ballsy.  The guy who landed the plane on the Hudson was ballsy.*  I think the word she was searching for was "reckless" -- and I would agree with that.

In my smartest moment yet, I started the gown in late August and completed the bodice over a weekend:
The time it took to complete this piece is directly inverse to the clarity of the instructions.  What I mean to say is, whomever wrote the pattern was on crack.  ALLEGEDLY.  Allegedly on crack.  There's a twisted eyelet pattern done simultaneously with neck and armhole shaping, and the back has a worked buttonband... anyway, it's cah-razy.

The twisted eyelet is interesting-looking.  It involves this tidbit:
"with right hand needle, catch running threads at top and bottom of eyelet below and place on needle, insert left needle into those two threads, and p2 tog." This happens a lot and I sure hope I did it correctly.  I'm a little peeved that the twist happens a good four (five? something like that) rows after the yo eyelet; I wasn't able to accomplish the slick twisty move on three holes near the top of the bodice front.  I think it's pretty noticeable:
But I'm not going back to fix it.  If a mistake is so weird that it takes me two weeks to find a workable-for-me solution, it will never be fixed.

*I apparently associate the term "ballsy" with aviation.

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