Thursday, September 29, 2016


My kid just got done being the sickest she's ever been, but I haven't forgotten about this space, so you get this FWOOSH! fast run-through of the projects I've been working for the past two weeks and change...

* This silly snowman scarf was knit as a nostalgic reminiscence of the scads of scarves I knit with Homespun on these very needles in the first seven years of my knitting:

* The kiddo's Halloween costume is coming together, piece by piece; 100 points to the Hogwarts house of your choice if you can figure out what she'll be cosplaying:

* My soft shawl is moving along apace -- it's being knit with a Merino-cashmere-nylon blend and for now, I never want to knit with anything else:

* and my birthday happened!  Not a project, but it makes me happy.  :)

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