Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Stuff, Future Stuff

The OMG I'M DONE-ness of the major secret gigantimous project left a quiet hole in my autumn and that has been more than okay.

I've been bopping along with the blue round-type cape shawl and the eight pattern repeats of the body before edging are finished:

Poor thing can't look any more squooshed, can it.  Hopefully I can start doing the edging soon and slowly liberate it, stitch by stitch, from the circular cable.  That plan may have a hitch in it, though, becauuuuuse
I cast on a new thing!

It's a test knit!  It's wine-colored!  It has beads!
I wish I could will it into being immediately.

This new pretty thing is the very beginning of a year-long experiment -- an adventure, if you will -- that I'm attempting with my good friend Honeyspoon.  You'll hear more about it soon...
for now, suffice it to say, there will be knits.   :)

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