Monday, November 10, 2014

Frozen Fractals and Feeling Fried

Like all procrastinators, I ruminate for a while over something before committing it to paper.
And like all flaky people, I think I've already done a thing, when in actual fact, very often, I have not done that thing.  Not even close.

What I mean to say is: there has been SO MUCH BLOGGING in my head, you guys!  It just hasn't made it to your computer screen, or even to my fingers.  My brain is a withholding jerk.

It doesn't help that the secret gigantic knitting behemoth thing is still very much a thing, and I offer you this as proof of stuff happening:
What could it beeeeee?

Oh!  And Halloween happened!  This is the first entirely-crocheted thing I've ever made: the unicorn, the Impossible Girl, the creation that was never meant to be:
Quick easy snowflakes for yarn [Rav] by Rebecca Weber; crocheted with, like, 20 yards of an unknown worsted weight acrylic

It's a snowflake, stiffened with school glue gel, used as an accessory in the Queen Elsa costume of one Punkin Q. Pie.  She uses it a little like a Spiderman webshooter, pretending to shoot snow and ice at people?
There are sound effects.

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