Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Experimental Photography And Image Handling For Bloggers | 5KCBWDAY3
Photography takes a key role.

My usual photography for this blog is serviceable at best...
  • Show the knitting!
  • Make sure there isn't tacky stuff in the background!  
  • Adjust everything for inconsistent lighting conditions!
  • And always watermark your images because the internet is full of dead-inside digital thieves who steal shawl photos just to feel something!  (HA!)

the usual (undoctored except for watermark)

But this photo challenge inspired me to try some new angles.  My wedding photographer told me about the photography golden hour many years ago, so last night, armed with my current WIP (yes, Maple Leaf #3), I took the guesswork out of the lighting situation and focused (!) instead on the macro setting on my tiny point-and-shoot.

Macros in computer science terms means mapping input to a transformed output -- this is not that.  Macro-, the linguistic prefix, means "large" or "inclusive" -- this is not that.
Macro photography is just a fancy way to say super close up....

undoctored -- ooh, so textural

I took some photos of the yarn ball itself and messed with some of the settings...  what I lack in imagination, I make up for by zooming way in.

Single-ply laceweight can look vaguely like a bale of hay:
right side is "desaturated" AKA grayscale
 A punch of color adds a little bit of zing to the zoom:
right side is "color balanced" with extra cyan and green
 Lightening up the center of a center-pull ball reveals hidden depths:
right side has both the brightness and contrast pumped up

My favorite photo of the shoot happened when a strand of curly green ribbon got unceremoniously plopped onto my head:

Lesson learned:
Yarn is pretty and everybody needs to take pictures at dusk!

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Hanrahan said...

That yarn is beautiful and makes for fascinating photographs :)

Carolyn Zick said...

Love the bale of hay look!! And isn't macro absolutely the best? EVER? :) Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I should really learn to use the macro setting on my camera, too. Great pics! I love the curly ribbon photobombing.