Friday, February 21, 2014

Just Bone Tired

So I've reached the point in winter where everybody in the house is sick and I get to be The Caretaker because I'm the least sick the mom.  You're probably just as sick of me talking dramatically about my chronic exhaustion as I am of being sick and tired, so pictures it is!  I missed Throwback Thursday, so this has to be
Freakin Long Time Ago Friday...

(I know, sooo long ago...  it's pre-blog, that's the best I can do right now)

Here are two experiments in felting that went horribly awry!!
Both bags, both a bit blechy...

Felt Bag #1: Failing Felting 101
(For success, see French Market Bag [Rav] by Polly Outhwaite)
I gave this as a gift to some poor person... I'm sorry, person!

Felt Bag #2: Failure, Foolish Felter
(For success, see Satchel [Rav] by Stephanie Shiman)
I only made this because I lost a bet... but joke's on him, he got this as a "prize." Not pictured: the horrible felted "pockets" I "sewed on" with felted "swatch squares."

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