Monday, September 23, 2013

Yikes, Slow Down!

Too much is happening and it's all such a blur, you guys.  I'm finding the need to re-read my own blog to find out where I left off...  so what's up, you ask?

I had a fingernail snap completely in half while doing laundry, so that wasn't fun at all.  The picture is horrible and makes it look like I had been punching a wall immediately prior to snapping a photo:
My hands are "hard-working," it's true, but the blotchy redness is nowhere near this extreme in real life, and I am, in fact, a delicate flower (ha!).  I am also a former nail-biter, and other former biters will know what I mean when I say: this was an actual injury, with blood and pain and stuff, because I have a permanently damaged hyponychium on each nail.  SCIENCE!

On to knitting stuff:
Baby blanket is bigger!
This blanket is so not a baby anymore; in spite of Fingernail Pain with a Capital P slowing me down, I have now caught up and am going at my breakneck "ideal pace."  I'm on track to be halfway done by October 1 -- how's that for tempting fate!

Hey, let's look at some random Egypt-themed projects!
heavily modded Phone cozy [Rav$] by Kate Atherley; knit with some Wullenstudio Superwash Sock Merino Nylon in colorway Sister Golden Hair and a bit of Three Irish Girls Springvale Sock in colorway McNamara
Santa's Jolly Christmas Balls [Rav] by Helen Mathews; knit with some Bernat Satin Solids in colorways Navy and Amber

OK, I'm done for now.  More later.  -whoosh-

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