Friday, May 6, 2011

FO: Grape Gobblin'

Soooo my awesome friend Laura lent me her camera until I get a new one!!!!!!!  Whooooooo!!!!!   Thank yoooouuuuu!!!!!

I finished the teeny tiny T-shirt I started during Startitis...
Cute Summer Top by Anna & Heidi Pickles, knit in South West Trading Company Bamboo, colorway 138 Purplexed
The top photo is truest to color; photos are pre-blocking and the button is purple.

I had to do a supersized mod on this one to get it to fit.  All the Ravelry projects make reference to "sizing issues," but what they really mean is, this is NOT written to fit a 9-12 month old, as the pattern states.  This is 0-3 months tops.  There is no gauge given, so you have three choices:
  1. make this for a newborn
  2. size up the needles and yarn to US 6 or 7 and worsted weight
  3. cast on extra stitches and do the math along the way
I opted for the third choice; my mods are listed on my Ravelry project page.

Action Jackson wouldn't stop moving around; blurry shirt!
As you can see, it fits perfectly; ergo, the mods are necessary if you want to make this for an eleven-month-old.  Only took me two failed starts to figure it out... DUH.

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Anonymous said...

Such a cute sweater!