Sunday, December 12, 2010

Put a Bee In It

I've been dealing with the creeping crud for the past week -- hence the no-posting.  Last Saturday night I had a 103° fever and my throat hurt just a little bit.  By the next morning, the fever had broken and my voice had completely disappeared... and still hasn't fully returned.  The major problem: I'm a singer with no voice at the height of holiday concert season.  It's really, really disappointing.

The only upside: lots of sitting-around, not-talking time to finish some knitting.  I've all but blocked the gown and also...

Bonnet by DROPS Design  

I changed the particulars of the wave pattern, as previously discussed, and rather than bind off the lower bit before folding up and fastening, I used the darning needle to sew the live stitches straight to the bottom of the hat to create the casing:

I even managed to get a picture of Ms. Punkin Q. Pie modeling it in all its glory:

Sorry about the copious security measures; the internet is a scary place.

Next up: matching booties!

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