Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pattern Round-Up: The Hogwarts Scarf

OK, that was a nice break.  I'm not a post-twice-a-day person!  But there's good news to share: I will be seeing HP7b in a movie theatre this weekend!  I love my husband.

Pattern Round-Up: The Hogwarts Scarf

Hogwarts house colors are prominently featured on all Hogwarts knits; this is especially true of the ever-present winter accessory, the scarf.

HouseMain ColorAlternate
RavenclawBlueBooks: Bronze (Movies: Gray)
HufflepuffCanary yellowMidnight black

 Now: There are several patterns for Hogwarts scarves; this is partly due to knitters' preferences for a variety of yarn gauges, but mostly due to the pattern redesign between HP2 and HP3.

Hogwarts knits from HP and the Sorcerer's Stone
Hogwarts scarves in the Infirmary: HP and the Chamber of Secrets
image via Movieline's A Decade of Ron Weasley Looking Dumbfounded

The scarves in HP1 and HP2 feature thick stripes of equal width and fringe tassels that alternate house colors.  Free patterns!

knit flat!  Harry Potter Scarf [Rav link] by Allison Blevins
knit in the round!  Harry Potter Scarf [Rav link] by Alycen Skipper
crochet!  Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf [Rav link] by Ariel Starke

Scarf + hats: HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Gryffindor!  HP and the Goblet of Fire
Won-Won's fan club; image via
The scarves of HP3-HP6 (The action of HP7 is so far removed from Hogwarts, I didn't even check for scarves in the movie) feature a thick section of the house's main color interspersed with thin stripes of the accent and main colors, and no fringe, from what I can see in at a cursory glance.  More free patterns!

knit flat! PoA House Colors Scarf [Rav link] by Liz Annino
knit in the round!  Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Scarf [Rav link] by Lauren Kent
NOTE: Lauren Kent's pattern is the "" pattern referred to by others
knit in the round!  Harry Potter Scarf [Rav link] by Qwertz 
knit in the round!  Hufflepuff 1x1 Rib Scarf [Rav link] by dr3amcatcher 
knit in the round!  Harry Potter POA Scarf on the round [Rav link] by Andres P. Nevarez 
crochet!  Harry Potter POA Crochet Scarf [Rav link] by Andres P. Nevarez